Sabtu, 21 November 2015

Lamido Online Revolution

Lamido Online Revolution

Does not take much to describe Lamido, Lazada (and some companies of the group in Rocket Internet Group) in addition to them is the Amazon of Asia. Its Internet marketing techniques are very massive and effective, especially in the world of social media. I as one of the affiliate beginner Lazada, creating tools to mine information about the prices of one type of electronic product, then I compare using the same tools against online stores other, and I admit Lazada and the group always provide the best price with a discount of almost every day.

Well this time Lamido Indonesia (one group with Lazada) will hold an event called Online Revolution is scheduled to be held on 11/11 and 12/12. What is the Online Revolution? Online Revolution is a "shopping day" that if the West is known as Black Friday. You can be sure this is what awaited the online shopper in Indonesia and Asia, in the event there will be a lot of big discounts magnitude of Lamido, Lazada, Lamudi, Foodpanda (and all the Group) during the first full day on the 11th of the month 11 (11 November ). Meanwhile for the 12/12 or 12 months 12 (12 December) is the same, only Online Revolution which was followed throughout the seller of the online store in Indonesia. If you look in the past year still insanely discount. Can be up to 70%!

For those who still lay shopping online, one can read my article linked below general guidelines to be safe. One of the advantages Lamido Marketplace et al is free sis bro! Onkos already discounted free shipping as well. For a long delivery yes lagh regular standard. If not wrong for the COD can also free to transfer money in advance, but may be somewhat different prices and conditions. I some time ago to follow one of the promo event a booming electronic products with amazing discounts. Several times failed because time is limited and the seizure of many people. Here are some tips from my layman:

    The easiest online constantly, browse here and there looking for that again depleted discounts
    The second most equating use the application because it is more responsive and we can be mobile. Coupons can also 50rb (S & KB)
    Use the search feature and filters available, to find a product that indeed we need
    If in doubt the quality of the product, note the comment or rating. Better to buy rather mahalan little but the rating is better
    Setting profile for ease of shopping, such as setting the address, and credit card purchases quickly.

Interested in Online Revolution? Read more details here releasenya official.

My final message ... Cieee, still keep a balance between the necessities of life and consumerism. Distinguish between needs and wants, weigh-weigh your financial balance. Do not let the broken end of the month just because again there are big discounts. There are other questions or tips? Leave a comment below. Have a fun shopping!

Rabu, 11 November 2015

lose weight

lose weight

lose weight
Being overweight is a major problem for people, especially women who care about their looks and beauty. With excess weight, they become a crisis of confidence. Not surprisingly, women who are having problems beauty of this one is busy looking for ways to lose weight, including the search for a wide range of slimming drugs are sold in the market.

Are you one of the women with this problem? If so, it would be nice if you prefer a natural way, so security really guaranteed. What are ways to lose weight naturally can you go?

Adding hours of sport

Sport is an activity that can burn fat and calories that accumulate in the body. The more sweat out a sign of a growing number of calories burned. In addition to adding an hour of exercise, you can choose the sport that makes all parts of your body moves, such as martial sports.

This option is more potential to burn body fat quickly. Apart from all that, do not be a quitter. The weight will not go down in an instant, but takes the process. So, do exercise on a regular basis until the results you get.

Increase the consumption of vegetables and fruit

Vegetables contain lots of fiber and fruits are also very nutritious and contain a lot of water in which both can accelerate the body's metabolic processes.

Drink water at least 8 glasses or 2 liters per day

Water is useful to facilitate the body's metabolic processes. Get used to drink 1 cup of water in the morning before doing other activities. Why? Because when it's busy activity, it is easy to forget to drink water. In fact, there are people who deliberately reduce drinking water when it was busy so do not bother alternating small room.

Avoid eating fried foods

Fried foods are not good for health and weight loss.

Oil can increase body fat
Saturated oils can cause blockage of blood vessels
Oil intake causes the body to become heavy work.
Fried been recognized as a major cause cholesterol

Scary right? For that, get used to eating foods that are boiled, steamed, or baked.

Reducing food portions

Remember the 'less' is not left to eat. Yep, the greater the portion you eat, the more fat your body. So, begin to reduce, can be three-quarters or half of normal. Subtract from 2 tablespoons white rice every hour to eat and grab more fibrous vegetables to make the body feel full longer.

Good luck. Good luck!

Selasa, 10 November 2015

weight loss tips

weight loss tips

Many people who want to lose weight, for any reason. But not least also those who fail, due to a lack of consistency in weight loss. Although the most flattering way though.

But for those who do not want to bother, there are some fairly easy ways to lose weight, including the water consumed. But keep in mind, if too often consume water is also not good.

Then what is best for us to lose weight fast in a week? Here are 10 ways that we quoted from Boldsky:

1.Minum three liters of water a day
Water is an important component in the human body. Water will help your metabolism with a very fast pace, and water also helps digest food better and faster. Consumption of at least three liters of water a day, and do during the week. Then check the changes.

2. Heating
When you wake up, you do not immediately eat the food first. Do light exercise, to reactivate the muscles are stiff, and it also can be burning calories in the body.

3. Jogging
If you often do jogging, then know its benefits. And if you want to lose weight in a week, then go jogging each morning.

4. Push Up
Push up exercise also helps you burn fat and calories high enough. Perform 2 × 20 push-ups a day, to burn calories faster.

5. Lift the load
An effective way to lose weight is with other weight-bearing exercise. This exercise burns calories because the body very much and fast.

6. Skip the rope
Typically, when small children often do jump rope. Try to do this as a means of re playing on a cheap and fun sport.

7. Sit up
After the push-ups, if you really intend to lose weight quickly, do well to sit up, untukmembntuk abdominal muscles properly. At least a day to do some sit ups pluh times.

8. Stretch
If after exercise is quite heavy. Then the muscles will be tense, for that, do relaxation with movements that you can do.

9. Swim
Perhaps this is one sport that is quite menyenangan, because it will be a little sweat out. Pool also helps every muscle in your body moving. Do swimming as often as possible, so that your muscles can burn calories very well.

10. Dinner
After a day of exercise, the most important of it all is keeping dinner. Do not get eaten malamyang we consume, have many calories. Try to consume more protein, but should still be no intake of carbohydrates in sufficient quantities.