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lose weight

lose weight

lose weight
Being overweight is a major problem for people, especially women who care about their looks and beauty. With excess weight, they become a crisis of confidence. Not surprisingly, women who are having problems beauty of this one is busy looking for ways to lose weight, including the search for a wide range of slimming drugs are sold in the market.

Are you one of the women with this problem? If so, it would be nice if you prefer a natural way, so security really guaranteed. What are ways to lose weight naturally can you go?

Adding hours of sport

Sport is an activity that can burn fat and calories that accumulate in the body. The more sweat out a sign of a growing number of calories burned. In addition to adding an hour of exercise, you can choose the sport that makes all parts of your body moves, such as martial sports.

This option is more potential to burn body fat quickly. Apart from all that, do not be a quitter. The weight will not go down in an instant, but takes the process. So, do exercise on a regular basis until the results you get.

Increase the consumption of vegetables and fruit

Vegetables contain lots of fiber and fruits are also very nutritious and contain a lot of water in which both can accelerate the body's metabolic processes.

Drink water at least 8 glasses or 2 liters per day

Water is useful to facilitate the body's metabolic processes. Get used to drink 1 cup of water in the morning before doing other activities. Why? Because when it's busy activity, it is easy to forget to drink water. In fact, there are people who deliberately reduce drinking water when it was busy so do not bother alternating small room.

Avoid eating fried foods

Fried foods are not good for health and weight loss.

Oil can increase body fat
Saturated oils can cause blockage of blood vessels
Oil intake causes the body to become heavy work.
Fried been recognized as a major cause cholesterol

Scary right? For that, get used to eating foods that are boiled, steamed, or baked.

Reducing food portions

Remember the 'less' is not left to eat. Yep, the greater the portion you eat, the more fat your body. So, begin to reduce, can be three-quarters or half of normal. Subtract from 2 tablespoons white rice every hour to eat and grab more fibrous vegetables to make the body feel full longer.

Good luck. Good luck!

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