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weight loss tips

weight loss tips

Many people who want to lose weight, for any reason. But not least also those who fail, due to a lack of consistency in weight loss. Although the most flattering way though.

But for those who do not want to bother, there are some fairly easy ways to lose weight, including the water consumed. But keep in mind, if too often consume water is also not good.

Then what is best for us to lose weight fast in a week? Here are 10 ways that we quoted from Boldsky:

1.Minum three liters of water a day
Water is an important component in the human body. Water will help your metabolism with a very fast pace, and water also helps digest food better and faster. Consumption of at least three liters of water a day, and do during the week. Then check the changes.

2. Heating
When you wake up, you do not immediately eat the food first. Do light exercise, to reactivate the muscles are stiff, and it also can be burning calories in the body.

3. Jogging
If you often do jogging, then know its benefits. And if you want to lose weight in a week, then go jogging each morning.

4. Push Up
Push up exercise also helps you burn fat and calories high enough. Perform 2 × 20 push-ups a day, to burn calories faster.

5. Lift the load
An effective way to lose weight is with other weight-bearing exercise. This exercise burns calories because the body very much and fast.

6. Skip the rope
Typically, when small children often do jump rope. Try to do this as a means of re playing on a cheap and fun sport.

7. Sit up
After the push-ups, if you really intend to lose weight quickly, do well to sit up, untukmembntuk abdominal muscles properly. At least a day to do some sit ups pluh times.

8. Stretch
If after exercise is quite heavy. Then the muscles will be tense, for that, do relaxation with movements that you can do.

9. Swim
Perhaps this is one sport that is quite menyenangan, because it will be a little sweat out. Pool also helps every muscle in your body moving. Do swimming as often as possible, so that your muscles can burn calories very well.

10. Dinner
After a day of exercise, the most important of it all is keeping dinner. Do not get eaten malamyang we consume, have many calories. Try to consume more protein, but should still be no intake of carbohydrates in sufficient quantities.

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